Yes, I’m a Photo Nerd

I love new gadgets and technology. I admit it. I’m a nerd about these things. Recently, I invested in professional photography equipment: a Canon EOS 6D DSLR and two lenses. The Canon 6D has a full frame sensor. The body and lenses cost as much as my first car!  6dAfter getting over the learning curve of moving from a Sony to a Canon, I discovered what a huge difference this camera and lenses are making. as a real estate photographer, sharp, vibrant images are an absolute must. The 6D delivers. I immediately saw the difference in quality.

These are a couple of photos from a recent shoot in Asheville, NC.

master bedroom photo

Master Bedroom

Living Room

Living Room

The biggest adjustment has been the Canon’s Live View option. The only way to check exposure is to use the Live View function, which switches from the viewfinder to the LCD screen. This does not work for me, particularly when I am checking the window exposures. So, I just ordered a CamRanger to solve that problem. The CamRanger is a wireless camera control and tethering device. Essentially, it will allow me to view live photos on my iPad to ensure that I am getting the shots that I want. It will also allow me to control my camera from my iPad. Now that is photo nerd’s dream!



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