What to Expect When you Book a Commercial Photoshoot

All commercial photographic images include some room/space styling, professional lighting, and numerous digital enhancements. Examples of digital enhancements are: expert color correction, distortion correction (verticals, horizontals, and “bowing”), expert exposures (views visible through windows are equally exposed), fire place/fire replacement (where appropriate), and TV screen replacement with custom image.

I can arrange to meet with you by phone, online, or in person. Sometimes it is necessary to tour the property before I can determine the scope of the photoshoot. Once I understand your requirements, I will prepare a detailed proposal and quote for your acceptance.

The proposal you receive from me will cover everything that you expect will be included in your photoshoot, and a breakdown of charges. Once you have agreed to the proposal, I will prepare a simple contract for both of us to sign. This protects you as well as me. It indicates that both parties are in agreement.

Finally, you will receive a gallery of proofs to review and a password to download finished/approved photos.